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"Dear Rachel, Thank you for your continuous information regarding autism. The information is extremely informative and helpful."
M Miller

"I wanted to write to you to say how happy I was getting a "to the point information" instead of all the techinal stuff I was trying to understand on different web sites that I had found."

"Dear Rachel, I would like to thank you. Your newsletters are a great help and have given me alot of answers to alot of questions I have. "
K Brazier

"Oh Rachel, thank you so much with all of my heart. At last I can tell everyone that my beautiful little 5 year old grandson is NOT lazy, is NOT naughty, and above all is NOT stupid. I have known all along that he is a very troubled little boy.... . Thankyou and bless you. Beryl."
Beryl Ballantyne

"I wanted to thank you for the very useful information you have provided so far and look forward to your next news letter."

"I would just like to thank you for all the information you have provided. They were very helpful and I have learned a great deal on autism. I look forward to reading your next news letter."

"I am glad that you do what you do. I am an adult with High Function Autism I am also deaf. I read a lot on children with autism,but rarely are things geared toward adults. We are forgotten when we turn 18."

"I just wanted to thank you for all your e-mails. They are really interesting and at the same time very helpfull with my reseach about this desease. Please, if I can help you with anything, let me know, so I can return the favor.
Thanks again
Atte. Diana Armas

"I wanted to thank you very much for the very useful information you have sent us. My partner and I do alot of special needs teaching and your help is greatly appreciated .Please keep it coming. Thanks again."
Y olandi Coertze

"Thank you for your news letters. they have been very helpful. Thanks."

"Thanks for the great information. It is information that will be really helpful to me with my student."
Glenda Greenwood

"The diagnosis was not autism...however, your info is precise, informed and decidedly helpful for those facing life with person of special needs. thank you."

"Thanks so much for the newsletter. My three year old has Autism, but we have been working with him since he was 22 months and we have him in the best school in Utah. We are learning new things everyday.
Thanks for sending the information. I will look forward to all emails."

"Rachel, thanks so much for the email newsletter, filled with informative tips
& such re: the mysterious malady known as autism. Just wanna let U know U R much appreciated!"
M W Merry

"Thanks for all your information up to date im very busy but find time to read your info and find it really helpful..."

"Dear Mrs Evans, I'm learning so much with your newsletters that I have to thank so much. They are very educative in the field I work. God Bless you, I look for your newsletter every day."
Wanda Echevarria

"Thank you very much for your letters. They have been extremely useful.God
bless you."

"Thankyou so much for your mails. they are really informative and i really enjoy reading them. Thanks for the information in such simple words."

"Your essential guide to autism has been an absolute godsend to me, and a whole wealth of useful information. Rachel, thanks for the updates."

"My oldest son, Aeric has "Autism" and will be graduating from high school this year. Currently, I am going to enroll him in a Cullinary School online. I will be assisting him all of the way to build his confidence in education even more. All throughout his life, I have created math, english, etc. games for him to learn his studies online. It helps when I have been a Teacher as a career in helping him and my other son, Antoine that will be going to the nineth grade this year as well. Although, Antoine doesn't have Autism, he has been a great help to Aeric when is comes to understanding his peers.

Aeric has been on Merit and Honor Roll ever since he was in Elementary School and he loves it. I have taught him how to cook, clean, wash, inside and outside chores ever since he was seven years old. He loves to bake and make various sauces for dinner. Therefore, his specialty is cooking. My other son, Antoine is so inspired by Aeric that he would like to be a Lawyer for the handicapp.

In addition, I am writing a Dissertation on Autism which my son, Aeric inspired me to write. Your critical information in this matter has been such a tremendous help in my paper. Although, I can't really use too much of the facts that you have already done in your own research. It still aides me in my own.

Thanks for all of your great work and efforts in getting this very contraversial issue out to the public. It is so confused with other dissabilities such as ADD, ADHD, etc. Autism is nothing like any other. It has its own issues that doesn't compare with what they teach in public schools. Many teachers are not prepared for these types of children. They do not specialize in this disorder which they confuse it all together. Of course, that is my own opinion.

Please keep up of the great work as I truly support you all of the way in your wonderful success..."

Carolyn Diann Fuentes

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