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My name is Rachel Evans and I'm the author of the Essential Guide To Autism.

The Essential Guide To Autism was conceived when the life of my family was touched by autism.

When this happened, we struggled to find a straight forward guide giving us the information we needed to make the right decisions.

To be honest, we where confused, worried and unsure what to do next.

So, I set myself the task of researching all aspects of autism and bought together all the best and most recent research into autism available into one easy to follow comprehensive guide.

After months of research I completed my research and turned it into an ebook, making it available for anyone to download and read.

Since then I have helped thousands of families effected by autism through the publication of my free "Essential Guide to Autism and Asperger's" Newsletter.

You can read some example content of this email newsletter by clicking on the "Autism & Aspergers Resources" link below.

If you would like to find out more about The Essential Guide to Autism ebook and how to maximise the potential of your loved one with Autism then click on this link here:

The Essential Guide To Autism


Rachel Evans


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