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The Glyconutrients Autism Link | The Essential Guide To Autism

The Glyconutrients Autism Link

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There is no known cause for autism, but new studies are being performed all of the time in hopes of finding an answer that may either provide a cure, or perhaps to help make life easier for those who are diagnosed. There are many theories, but none have been proven thus far. That does not mean these theories are right, or wrong, but further evaluation needs to be done before anything concrete can be said. However, there are some who believe that glyconutrients might play a part in why some people develop autism. They feel that when there is a lack of glyconutrients autism is sometimes a result.

Glyconutrients are another name for the sugars that you get in your diet. These often help keep the body working effectively and also help keep the immune system working properly. Some feel that children simply don’t get what they need, and that this contributes to autism. This conclusion is drawn because autism is believed to be an autoimmune problem. The belief is that the weak immune system, as a result of lack of proper amounts of glyconutrients, leads to a child having problems with autism.

Some research suggests that up to three fourths of the disease in the world are due to free radicals. These are elements that are formed naturally in the body, but too many are detrimental to health and the body must work to get rid of them to remain healthy. They can be introduced into the body via preservatives in foods, toxins in the air, and all sorts of environmental factors through the course of an average day. If the autoimmune system is not working properly, these toxins remain in the body. If the body is not getting enough glyconutrients to help keep the immune system healthy, these toxins build up quickly.

Some believe that these glyconutrients should be supplemented in children (especially those considered to be picky eaters) to help boost the immune system. This will allow the body to flush out the toxins that enter to help the child remain healthier in all respects. It is not known if something like this might stop a child from developing autism, but some believe that this might be the key to helping them reverse some of the symptoms. There are testimonials you can find from parents who have tried it with good results, and others say that this made no difference.

Please remember that there is no scientific basis for using glyconutrients as a form of help for autism as of yet. Though adding supplements to the diet can do many wonderful things, it is something you should discuss with your child’s doctor.

If you think this is something that you want to try to help your child, please have a discussion with your doctor about the pros and cons, and about the latest research. This, like many other things, may produce adverse effects if done improperly. You should always have medical guidance if you want to establish the glyconutrients autism link in your child. Autism is something that no family wishes for, but it is a reality for many. Perhaps this will provide part of the answer, but only time and more research will tell the tale.

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