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Autism Homeopathy Treatments | The Essential Guide To Autism

Autism Homeopathy Treatments

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Because there is no known root or cure for autism, this puts parents in a difficult situation. They want to help their child, but they aren’t sure how to do it. This leads some down the path of autism homeopathy treatments.

The biggest stumbling block for accepting homeopathy treatments for any ailment is that people struggle to understand how they work and that if they do why aren’t their doctor’s recommending it?

The thing is that without proper study and education, doctors simply can not recommend something they don’t know about, and they know that if they do, they open the door to trouble. However, parents that choose to try autism homeopathy for their child would be smart to do so under the watchful eye of a medical doctor.

Before you can try autism homeopathy treatments, you have to understand how they work. Unlike cancer, where the illness is treated as an illness, autism is treated by symptoms.

This means that you could have twenty children with classic autism, but you would probably find that their homeopathy treatments are all different. This is because each child is unique, and they may have different symptoms in different degrees. Any smart parent will do their research and find someone who can guide them before they jump in. Treating the wrong things in the wrong way can ultimately lead to monumental failure and frustration.

One of the most common homeopathy treatments for children with autism is a change in diet. Some believe that this is the best way to help with symptoms. The most common items eliminated are dairy and wheat based products.
Others like to get rid of food that has been altered in any way. This might include removing any foods with preservatives and colorings. Wheat and gluten intolerance might be a problem, and foods containing those things might be removed to see an improvement. Results with diet modification will vary, but many parents report improvement in behaviors in their autistic children.

Other autism homeopathy treatments include supplements, treatments to remove toxins from the body, speech and socialization therapy, healing through energy (balancing the body energy, much like the principles of acupuncture), natural medicines, and herbal remedies (closely related to natural medicines).

It would be unfair to say what results to expect, as each child and each treatment will be different. However, if parents are looking for treatments, homeopathy might be a path they wish to explore under the guidance of someone well versed in homeopathy autism treatments.

Resources: - Access their database for a list of practitioners in the US - directory for american or canadian registered practitioners international directory - has both US and UK resources - Australian directory

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